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Airline Damage
1 Billion Pieces of luggage fly every year.
Do you know which ones will get damaged?

Things you may not know - Airlines damage or lose over
24 million
pieces of luggage a year.

Know your rights.

Airlines are the most common cause of damage to luggage,
but not the only cause.

   You should always immediately check your luggage when retrieving it from the carousel and lodge a claim immediately with baggage services or your airline for any damage or issues, or your insurance company.
Any damage whether done, by your airline, a taxi driver,
a cruise line, a Porter or simply by anyone, even yourself
is damage, it is not a defect and cannot be claimed as warranty

Airlines may say they are they are not responsible for some or any damage, when they always are. See below.

DOT (US Department of Transport) states all Airlines are legally responsible for any damage and advise customers they have been trying to shirk their responsibilities.
It is U.S. Federal Law that airlines cover any damage they cause.
Check these links - link for DOT news - US DoT - - Link to - Link Daily Mail

DID you know Airlines are signatories to the
IATA Montreal Convention 1999 that clearly states that your airline is responsible and must pay for any damage or loss to your luggage they cause.
Chapter III, Article 17 section 2
Is your Airline saying they are not responsible?
Politely remind them of their responsibilities under this convention
they signed up to.They cannot decline it by saying
some parts are not covered, when they all are.

Checkout these video's if you want to see, how any damage is possibly caused.
Baggage Handler Try Hard to damage luggage
Luton Airport ABC News America
US Baggage Handler US Baggage Handler US Baggage Handler

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