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OUR CUSTOMER CARE TEAMS are here to assist you...
Please read all details on this page before you proceed.

Try to help us to help you.
In all communications with us,
always quote your Range Name & or Number,
We make hundreds of styles and cant speedily assist you without this information.
Dont know this information, then include an image of the case front on an upright.


Our manufacturers warranty is provided to all our customers and is in addition to any
consumer statutory rights and does not affect your statutory or consumer rights.

It should be noted, Australian Consumer Law Guarantees do not apply to
any damage of any kind, by anyone or if you or anyone else has physically abused or misused the product in any way, that caused the problem.
Check out our DRP below for damage.

Any postage or freight costs are always the consumers responsibility.


No damage is claimable under our warranty, see our DRP below.

To make any claim under our Manufacturer's Warranty the customer must have the following
A) proof of purchase and B) the Warranty card and then either:-

1)  Deliver the product at their expense, to one of our authorised assessment/repairers,
 along with their proof of purchase and the warranty card.
  Authorized repairers map
as shown on our Where to buy it page.

2)  Report to us by email for assessment, by our Customer Service Team.
Some types of repair may still require you to deliver the product to one
of our Authorised Repair Centre's.
We apologise if any of the repairers (as an independant operator) are not near you.

Please click this link in red below to send us an email.

Click to Send email to Australian Customer Service

We can only offer assistance, to customers actually in AUSTRALIA.

Please provide us with all of the following information or as much as you can,
as high res - 1Meg jpg image attachments - do not take close up or out of focus.
Please do not attempt to send any *.zip or *.doc files or as external links
as they will be rejected.

A)   Copy of your proof of purchase or receipt.

B)   Photograph of the Range Name & Number from the Rear of warranty card.

C)   Photo of the whole case from the front on and upright.

D)   Photo of the fault/issue(s), with wheels lay the case down to take the photo.

E)   For any issues with rear wheels, lay the case face down onto its front and take the photo of lower half of case including the wheels.

      F )  Your address and contact phone number

Please note: Consumers are always responsible for any freight postage or delivery costs for all repairs, replacements and or spare parts.

UK, USA & Rest of the World

CLICK the below Link and select your country from the list shown

Warranty & Enquiries - Rest of the World

Claims f
or all other locations outside of Australia
Click to Email our global customer service team in the UK

Australian Customer Additional Guarantee
for Cracked Shell on Hard Sided Trolley cases

We stand behind our products and offer an additional guarantee to our
Australian customers for all our Hard Sided styles purchased here in Australia
 from 1st September 2017

Each style on this web site advises the length of this additional guarantee.
and if covered by this additional Guarantee.
Claimant must have
purchased the item in Australia and
be in Australia with the product at the time of claim.

To claim against this additional guarantee the customer must email our
 Australian Customer Service team, with images and details of the following:-

           1.  Proof of purchase receipt dated 1st September 2017 or later.
           2.  Warranty Card - this cannot be waived and must be supplied.
           3.  Images of the issue
           4.  To assist us, honestly advise how they believe it happened.

The cause is irrelevant for the Guarantee and includes even damage.
         by airline or baggage handlers, your information will assist us with our manufacturing. 
On supplying of all the above we guarantee to replace the item with the same
or similar, if out of stock at our discreation.

Any postage/freight to your location are the responsibilty of the customer.
We may cancel this additional guarantee at any time.


The warranty provided for herein applies only to the first purchaser or gift recipient.
The term of the warranty is
as per the warranty certificate as attached to each item.
All manufacturer warranty claims with us
must be supported by the Warranty certificate showing the Range details, accompanied by your proof of purchase.
The customer is responsible for any freight or delivery costs.

Our manufacturer's warranty placed on our products is valid against defects in materials and workmanship for the period of the warranty, as shown on each warranty card.
Allowing for reasonable wear and tear, should any fault or defect become apparent during the warranty period,
IT Luggage™ will endeavor to repair or replace the product.
Replacement will be at IT Luggage's discretion for any discontinued ranges.

IT Luggage™ are unable to take responsibility for any damage, breakages or wear that may arise due to any reason, such as, impact, neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage
(including airlines for example)
damage to the goods in any way,
including by using them
in a way they were not meant to be used.
This includes curbing damage done to wheels and or lack of service by cleaning/maintaining
any wheels or other moving parts.

What is not covered or is specifically excluded.
1. Damage to the product in any way, including as a result of misuse or the actions of others.
2. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly disclaimed.
3. Any freight and or postage costs.
4. Wheels - From any wear or damage to wheels.
5. Zip Pull/Slides and Zips, damaged or detached from the zip runs/teeth including expanders.
6. Any repairs other than our Authorised Repair Agent or Service Centre,
unless duly authorised by us.
7. Labor charges and damages attributable to work performed by anyone other than our Authorised Repair Agents.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranties are hereby excluded.

You can not claim any damage as warranty.
If you suffered damage that is not covered or you did not claim or could not claim from
the responsible party in time - an airline is an example then -

Ask our customer service team about our DRP
(Damage Replacement Program).
This service is specifically designed to assist our Australian customers, buy a new relacement at cost, approx 70-80% off retail.
Which is a significant saving over RRP and assist a customer to quickly recover from any damage or loss at a minimum cost to themselves.
NEED A NEW PART - Due To Damage Or Wear? 

We do have and hold spare parts for all of our models currently available here in Australia.
A lot of damage can be easily fixed, even by yourself with a new part.
Thus saving you time and money without a trip to the repairer.
Please email our customer service team for any spare part enquiries.
Still include, all the details requested above or as many as you can.
Postage and freight is always payable for all spare parts sent to you or a repairer.
We only use Aust Post Exprees Post, to insure delivery and tracking.
We do not ship by any other ordinary postal service.
Large parts are sent by Startrack Express - Courier.

 1.  Lift your bag over curbs and stairs, this protects the wheels from getting damaged.
 2.  Clean and maintain your wheels regularly, any dirt and rubbish will damage them.
 3.  Ensure the trolley handle is properly locked down, when checking in your luggage.
 4.  Always remember your pin, for your TSA combination lock, as it can't be reset,
      when it is locked or you have forgotten it. It will need a locksmith to open it.
Do not cut the zip pullers or break them to gain access, break the lock PINS if you
      have to, as this is more easily replaced.
 5   Never discard your luggage when overseas, ALWAYS contact us for Support &
      Assistance first, otherwise any claim will be rejected.
 6.  Never put any valuables or breakables into any checked luggage.
 7   Don't overload or put heavy objects in the top front pockets, so making the case liable
      to tip over and possibly injure someone, if not yourself and damage the trolley handle.
 8.  When retrieving your checked luggage, always check all handles and wheels,
      carefully for any damage, by pulling on them, they do stick out and any damage may
      not be apparent, until you have left the airport or possibly even much later.
      If the damage does present itself later, still immediately contact your airline or carrier.
 9.  Take a Selfie - photo or video, of you and your Luggage at the check-in desk  and
always lodge a claim for ANY damage immediately, with the responsible party,
      be that an airline, a cruise line, a bus line, a Taxi driver or even your Hotel.
      You cant do it later. The Selfie PHOTO/Video backs you up in proving you where right.
 10. Remember your rights, whoever damages your property, is entirely responsible to
      either, buy you a new replacement or fully cover the cost of repairs to your satisfaction.
      Our manufacturer's warranty, does not cover you for any damage of any kind.

 Travel safe - always take out travel and or medical insurance.
Things you may not know - Airlines damage or lose over 24 million pieces of luggage a year.
Know your rights.

Airlines are the most common cause of damage to luggage, but not the only cause.
You should always immediately check your luggage when retrieving it from the carousel and lodge a claim immediately with baggage services or your airline for any damage or issues, or your insurance company.

DOT (US Department of Transport) states all Airlines are legally responsible for any damage and advise they have been trying to shirk their responsibilities.
It is Federal Law in the US that airlines cover any damage they cause.
Check these links - link for DOT news - Link to Time.com - Link Daily Mail

Airlines are signatories to the IATA Montreal Convention 1999 that clearly states that your airline is responsible and must pay for any damage or loss to your luggage they cause.

Checkout these video's if you want to see, how any damage is possibly caused.
Baggage Handler Try Hard to damage luggage
Luton Airport
https://www.youtube.com/ ABC News America
US Baggage Handler
https://www.youtube.com/ US Baggage Handler
https://www.youtube.com/ US Baggage Handler

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