Premium - Soft Sided luggage from IT Luggage®
Luxurious and sumptuous with affordability built in.

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Soft Luggage without
Black, Grey, Blue or Dark Red

Soft Frameless Luggage without Compromise.
Red or Blue

Ultra Lite 8 wheel

Ultra Lite 8 Wheel
Blue, Black or Paris

Red, Blue, Purple, Grey
 or Black
ETA 28 Nov 2017

Eclipse Blue, Wine, Morroccan Blue, Black, Charcoal
TA 28 Nov 2017


IT Luggage™
premium range is designed in Harlow, the birth place of world changing innovation such as The
IT Luggage World’s Lightest Wide Handle Design luggage and Expanding Hard Shell.
We source the finest quality materials not just for sheer quality of look, but also feel and function. Finish and finesse goes into our premium collection, ensuring that our customers' travel experiences match the quality of their luggage.

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