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For more than 
Today it luggage supply more than 46 countries across the globe and produce over 7 million products a year, taking overall production to over 100 million, making us one of the most successful luggage producers in the world.

IT Luggage™ Philosophy With Passion Led Innovation
We are an innovative luggage design company specializing in providing good quality and affordable luggage solutions. Our passion is luggage and we proactively identify the needs of the traveler and provide creative and innovative solutions to meet those needs.

Solving tomorrow’s luggage problems today
This is the very essence of our business: our problem solving, design and innovation credentials have been established through the invention of many patent protected products including our IT Luggage World’s Lightest Wide Handle Design Collection, Carry-Tow®, Hard Shell Expander System, Frameless® Technology and our revolutionary Crosspack® concept and now Rolling Solutions.

The IT Luggage® History
Established in 1985 under the original name of Landor Ltd, IT Luggage™ has continued to be a privately owned company based out of Harlow, Essex in the UK throughout its 26 year history.
We were the first UK luggage company to begin importing from China in 1986 and shortly after our one millionth unit came off the production line. In 1994 the company merged with Hawa International to form Landor & Hawa International Ltd and the company’s global reach was extended via the opening of regional offices in the US, Australia and Hong Kong as well as a dedicated quality control and sourcing office in Hangzhou, China.

At the turn of the millennium, the company invested in a huge research and development program. This saw the advent of our truly innovative luggage patents including the launch of the World’s first expandable hard trolley case in 2003, the introduction of the remarkable soft
Frameless case by 2006 and the arrival in 2008 of the ground breaking and award winning IT Luggage world's lightest wide handle design and Sub Zero G® cases which has remained the world's lightest wide handle design case to this day.

The IT Luggage® Experience
Of course, the most important person to us is you, the consumer who uses our product for
travelling, business or leisure. We would love to hear what you think of our products and invite you to contact us directly

The world’s best selling Polycarbonate - ABS expandable luggage, consisting
 of twin  molded shells with zipper closures was introduced in Europe in 2003.
 Following its astounding acceptance in Europe,
IT Luggage™ then Landor & Hawa established its U.S. subsidiary in 2003 and introduced this new lightweight hard side luggage concept to the American consumer with the US Patent being granted in December 2006..
Due to its compelling, forward looking designs and ultra-lightweight properties, it was an immediate and overwhelming success.

Because of
IT Luggage® commitment to design and innovation our expansion feature
with our China Invention Patent has been granted.

Again, being in the forefront of technology, L&H introduced Frameless™ and
 Freefoam® technologies in soft sided fabric luggage resulting in ultra-lightweight
 packing cases with more interior packing space.
All the advantages of hard shell (hard sided) luggage without the weight!
It is estimated that within a few short years that as much as 50% of all luggage offered for sale will incorporate this new technology developed by Landor & Hawa, nowIT Luggage™.

The IT Luggage® Commitment
You may have noticed that we do luggage. And that’s all we do. We specialize and we focus on the thing we do best.

As a privately owned company, we have no external financing which makes us well positioned and able to securely supply our customers. Our worldwide sales distribution means we are not exposed to one single currency and can balance fluctuations effectively.

Our extensive experience in the luggage market ensures we supply the right products at the right quality and price. Our global presence means we predict and lead market trends.

We trade with many of the world’s largest retailers,
IT Luggage™ offer great agility in lead times, going from design to sample to stock as demanded by today travelling public.

Built to Last
Our luggage is manufactured to a very high standard and undergoes rigorous testing.
Our standard 10-year warranty underpins our confidence in the quality of our products. 

Quality testing includes:
Extensive wear testing on our seams, zips & lightweight materials guarantees long-term performance.

Load tests, to try and ensure your belongings are totally protected across the life of your case.
To guarantee complete durability, fully-loaded cases (holding up to 40kg) are
drop-tested from all angles.

The strength of our handles is tested repeatedly to match the rigours of modern travel.

These tests are necessary so that our consumers have total peace of mind. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the workmanship or materials then we will repair or replace the luggage under the terms of the warranty with either the same product or, if the product is no longer in our current stock, we will replace it with a product closely matching the original.

It should be noted all this testing does not prevent damage being done.
The information above is to show the commitment levels we go to for informative purposes only and cannot be relied upon as any express warranty at any time, be it on this domain or any other domain in the world

IT Luggage™ Quality
With 70 dedicated staff in our Hangzhou office and showroom, we have an unrivalled infrastructure in China.
All our luggage is performance tested to meet the differing criteria and standards from country to country.
We work with all the major retail audit and testing companies worldwide in delivering complete compliance and factory accreditation.

Unlike the ‘leading independent testing companies’ all of our staff are luggage specialists –
we know where to look for the potential problems and how to solve them ensuring trouble-free shipment for our customers.

Given our volume of manufacturing, we recognize the importance of consistency in product supply for leading global retailers. We can track all products by batch number and have ISO 9001 accredited procedural systems dedicated to attention to detail.
Return percentages are below 1% and an established customer feedback system is in place to capture all information thereby ensuring continual product quality improvements.

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