TGA Award 2009

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Exclusive to Big W
Exclusive to Big W
it luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design
   (WHD) has over
8.1 million happy customers.
   Our award winning design and aircraft grade materials dramatically reduces the
   weight without compromising strength or quality.
   It is designed to bounce rather than break, but nothing is unbreakable.

It is our Worlds Lightest Wide Handle Design.
   It is not designed to be the Worlds Strongest.   
   Our World's Lightest WHD is designed, so even if it is damaged, almost any part

   can be easily replaced even by yourself.

   Our unique weight saving design is patent protected, this design helps to avoid
   check in excess luggage fees. Our World's Lightest WHD pieces weigh less
   then any other equivilent case on the market (as at 01/07/2016)
   allowing you to pack and check in more with the unique flat packing base.
   We also support our product with our 10 year warranty against defects.
   Warranties are not any Guarantee against damage and do not cover any damage.
  *Lightest equivilent cases as @ 01.07.2016



The IT Luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design technology is protected under Patent WO/2008/009905 and Australian Patent 200727409 and is ONLY available through IT Luggage™ and their authorized specialty retail stores.

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