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The Number around the Key hole is not the part number of the Lock,
but the KEY number required by US TSA officials to unlock the lock.
These keys are only available to US TSA officials.

Customers set and unlock the lock via the dials and a 3 diigit PIN.
Once the PIN is set from default 000 to your own number by the instructions below.
IT CANNOT be reset or unlocked, if you forget your PIN.
It is not faulty if you cannot unlock the lock,
unless it has received impact damage,
it usualy  means you have input the wrong PIN.
You could be entering mirror reversed,
due to the way you are looking at the TSA lock.

To set the PIn, reset or change the Pin,
the lock must be unlocked first with the current PIN
(default 000 on purchase) and the zip pulls out of the lock.

Click your image below for instruction PDF.



If you forget or don't know the PIN it
CANNOT BE RESET if locked.
Or if you cannot unlock the zip pulls.
You will either need a locksmith to open the lock
break the TSA lock.
Break  the silver lock pins in the bottom of each slot with a flat screwdriver,
to release the Zip pullers from the lock.
Then you will need to replace the lock with a new one,
which you can acquire from us.

Do Not break or cut the zip pullers and or slides.
As this will be an expensive repair for you.

If travelling in the US and a TSA official has forgotten to relock the key lock,
i.e. the lock is constanly unlocked,
you can use anything that fits into the key hole slot,
to turn it back to marked lock position. See instruction per lock above.


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