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                                             TOP 10 TIPS

 1.  Lift your bag over curbs and stairs, this protects the wheels from getting damaged.

 2.  Clean and maintain your wheels regularly, any dirt and rubbish will damage them.

 3.  Ensure the trolley handle is properly locked down, when checking in your luggage.

 4.  Always remember your pin, for your TSA combination lock, as it can't be reset,
      when it is locked or you have forgotten it. It will need a locksmith to open it.
Do not cut the zip pullers or break them to gain access, break the lock PINS if you
      have to, as this is more easily replaced. See this link for more TSA Lock Info.

 5   Never discard your luggage when overseas, ALWAYS contact us for Support &
      Assistance first, otherwise any claim will be rejected.

 6.  Never put any valuables or breakables into any checked luggage.

 7   Don't overload or put heavy objects in the top front pockets, so making the case liable
      to tip over and possibly injure someone, if not yourself and damage the trolley handle.

 8.  When retrieving your checked luggage, always check all handles and wheels,
      carefully for any damage, by pulling on them, they do stick out and any damage may
      not be apparent, until you have left the airport or possibly even much later.
      If the damage does present itself later, still immediately contact your airline or carrier.

 9.  Take a Selfie - photo or video, of you and your Luggage at the check-in desk  and
always lodge a claim for ANY damage immediately, with the responsible party,
      be that an airline, a cruise line, a bus line, a Taxi driver or even your Hotel.
      You cant do it later. The Selfie PHOTO/Video backs you up in proving you where right.

 10. Remember your rights, whoever damages your property, is entirely responsible to
       either, buy you a new replacement or fully cover the cost of repairs to your satisfaction.
       Our manufacturer's warranty, does not cover you for any damage of any kind.

 Travel safe - always take out travel and or medical insurance.

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