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Airline Damage
NEED A NEW PART - Due To Damage Or Wear? 

We do have and hold spare parts for all of our models currently available here in Australia.
A lot of damage can be easily fixed, even by yourself with a new part.
Thus saving you time and money without a trip to the repairer.

Please email our customer service team for any spare part enquiries.
Click to Send email to Australian Customer Service

Still include,
all the details requested below or as many as you can.
Images should be
between 500Kb to a maximum 1Mb jpg as attachments.

Postage and freight is always payable for all spare parts sent to you or a repairer.
We only use Aust Post Exprees Post, to insure delivery and tracking.
We do not ship by any other ordinary postal service.
Large parts are sent by courier - Startrack Express.
  1. Copy of your proof purchase or receipt.
  2. Photograph of only the rear of the warranty/price card.
    This shows the style number, size etc. of the case
  3. Your name, shipping address and phone number.
  4. At least a photo of the whole case front on and upright on its wheels
  5. Photo of the damaged part
  6. Photo of the same part undamaged
  7. If relating to wheels lay case face down on to its front,
    then take an image of the rear lower half, including all 4 wheels.
    see examples below.

  8. How to Take Images - Examples


    Upright and on WHEELS     Wheels - lay on Front then take rear lower half.

    Another Example or Rear Wheel Image needed for Soft


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