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For Customers in AUSTRALIA
No damage is claimable under our warranty, see our DRP below.

To make any claim under our Manufacturer's Warranty the customer must have the following
A) proof of purchase and
B) the Warranty card and then either:-

1)  Report to us by email for assessment, by our Customer Service Team.

Please click this link in red below to send us an email.

Click to Send email to Australian Customer Service

And provide us with all of the following information or as much as you can,
as high res - between 500Kb to a maximum 1 Mb jpg image attachments.
Do not take close ups or out of focus.
Do not attempt to send any files totalling no more than 15 meg in size
or as  *.zip or *.doc
files or external image links,
or your email will be rejected or listed as spam or bounced as unsafe.

A)   Copy of your proof of purchase or receipt showing the item purchased.

B)   Photograph of the Range Name & Number from the Rear of warranty card.

C)   Photo of the whole case from the front on and upright.

D)   Photo of the fault/issue(s), with description and advice how occurred.

E)   For any issues with wheels, lay the case face down onto its front and take the photo of lower rear half of case, including all the wheels, see examples below.

F)   Your shipping address (No PO Boxes) and mobile contact phone number.

How to Take Images - Examples


Upright and on WHEELS       Wheels - lay on Front then take rear lower half.

Another Example or Rear Wheel Image needed for Soft


2)  Deliver the product at their expense, to one of our authorised assessment/repairers,
 along with their proof of purchase and the warranty card.
  Authorized repairers map
as shown on our Where To Buy/Repair page.
We apologise if any of the repairers
(as an independant operator) are not near you.

Please note:
Consumers are always responsible for any freight postage
or delivery costs for all repairs,
replacements and or spare parts.


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