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   Expanding & Double Expanding PP Trolley Cases

Cheese Yellow or Rose Red with colour matched wheels.
We will addtionally Guarantee this style against cracking,
for the first 24 months. If it is we will replace it.
See warranty page for full conditions.

Green not available only shown to show features.






Virtually Unbreakable.



Large & Cabin
Double Expaning

Fixed TSA

    Good looks and Ultra Lite, 8 Wheel Trolley Cases With Recessed TSA Locks and
    Lap -Top front pocket to Cabin size.

   1.    TSA Fixed Recessed Combination Lock - for greater security.
   2.    Expanding, large and cabin 25% and Double Expanding medium up to
          50% more space when you need it.
          Patent Protected China Patent 200480001159.X
   3.    PP hard sided and Virtually unbreakable Shells.
          (2 year replacement guarantee against this event - even if result of damage)

   4     Fully recessed push button trolley handles, telescopic to 54cm.
   5.    360 Spinner Trolley Cases with Super Silent, Super Glide body colour matched 8 Wheels.

   6.    Anti-Scratch surface, so always looks new and easy to clean.
   7.    Top & side easy on the hand, carry handles.
   8.    Easy Pack Deluxe linings, with divider and elastic restraining straps.
   9.    All sizes nest together for easy storage. Consumers can buy individually or as a set.

       10 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects only.
       Does not cover against any Damage.

        Specifications by Size
Large  (75cm)
75 x 53 x 34cm + 7cm Exp
4.7 kg
121/149 L
Medium  (65cm)
65 x 47 x 30cm
 + 7cm + 7cm Exp
4.3 kg
79/99/119 L
Cabin  (54cm)
54 x 39 x 23cm + 7cm Exp
3.0 kg
44/58 L
Cheese Yellow
Rose Red

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