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Sold out
it luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design (WHD) has over
7.2 million happy customers, see their testimonials below.
   Our award winning design and aircraft grade materials dramatically reduces the
   weight without compromising strength or quality.
   It is designed to bounce rather than break, but nothing is unbreakable.

It is our Worlds Lightest Wide Handle Design.
   It is not designed to be the Worlds Strongest.   
   Our World's Lightest WHD is designed, so even if it is damaged, almost any part

   can be easily replaced even by yourself.

   Our unique weight saving design is patent protected, this design helps to avoid
   check in excess luggage fees. Our World's Lightest WHD pieces weigh less
   then any other equivilent case on the market (as at 01/07/2016)
   allowing you to pack and check in more with the unique flat packing base.
   We also support our product with our 10 year warranty against defects.
   Warranties are not any Guarantee against damage and do not cover any damage.
  *Lightest equivilent cases as @ 01.07.2016

         AUS 200727407



How Tough is - IT Luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design


These are the suitcases used by our national sporting team for the last 5 years.
The main reason for supplying our team members with these suitcases is due it’s
lightweight factor.
These suitcases are 3-4kgs lighter than our previous suitcases and taking into consideration the per kilo rate on excess baggage on international flights, we have avoided a hefty excess baggage charge at the airport on numerous occasions. These suitcases pay for themselves after a few trips. Our teams travel extensively domestically and all around the world and these suitcases have (99% of the time) stood the test of time.
On occasion we have returned to Australia with damaged suitcases, but have always been confident the damage was due to careless baggage handlers.
Overall these suitcases have served our team well beyond expectation and would highly recommend.
Kenny - Adelaide SA

I use one of these IT Luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design myself and love it. I am actually in charge of our Luggage Services team at Cairns Airport and have never had one of your cases reported damage.
Beverley - Cairns Airport QLD

They are such great cases because of their light weight and the combination of the small and a medium sized bag mean we don't lug around our old monsters any more - and we still seem to always have spare space! So far this year, they've travelled on 14 international flights and we are extremely impressed. Tim - Mona Vale NSW

I just wanted to let you know I travelled with my Girlfriend for 6 weeks around Europe. We took the IT Luggage Worlds Lightest Wide Handle Design set of 3 cases with us. We could not believe how light these suitcases were. We travelled by plane, bus and train. One suitcase got lost during an internal flight in Italy and turned up 3 days later. These suitcases had a long journey and they returned back to Australia in pretty good condition. I would highly recommend them to any serious traveller.
Jun 2016 - Update I just bought the new 8 wheel sets after many years good service -
David Suransky, NSW, Australia

World's Lightest Wide Handle Design Achievements
Winner of 2009 USA TGA Product Innovation Award Las Vegas
Removing the inherent weakness of multi part conventional trolley systems, the IT Luggage World's Lightest system is made using lightweight aircraft grade fibre glass elements connected directly to the wheel and trolley system giving incredible strength, stability and rigidity to the case.

Ø Tested To Destruction.
Verified in loaded drop tests and independent testing by Bureau VERITAS and Germany's TUV.

Ø Save On Excess Baggage Fees
The average weight of a conventional lightweight 67cm suitcase is around 4.8kg 21% of your total allowance! The comparable World's Lightest Wide Handle Design case is 1.9kg only 8.25% of your allowance.

The IT Luggage World's Lightest Wide Handle Design technology is protected under Patent WO/2008/009905 and Australian Patent 200727409 and is ONLY available through IT Luggage™ and their authorized specialty retail stores.

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